Introduction of Gu-Yi Teapots

Intro of Gu Yi Teapot
35 years ago, Deng Ding-Sou was a traditional ceramic arts student under the ceramics Master Chen Ching-Lian. He focused on traditional teaware and the practice of tea ceremonies. Once Deng acquired impressive skill at brewing and the ceramic arts, he contemplated the design of a teapot based on his unique experiences and tea-making needs. 
One day, the lid of a teapot that had taken Deng much time and trouble to complete, fell as he was serving tea and broke into many pieces. In his sadness, an idea flashed in his mind, a teapot is always organized horizontally-with the spout and lid and handle all about level-but what if he did something differently? What if he questioned the very stereotype of a basic teapot?
Deng Ding-Sou<Deng Ding-Sou
He decided to abandon the traditional idea that a teapot must have a handle, lid, knob, and spout aligned horizontally; and created something totally new. This is how the Gu-Yi teapot came into being.

As with traditional teapots, the Gu-Yi teapot exploits the power of air pressure; but by covering or uncovering the air hole, you can control the flow of water within the teapot. This unique teapot has a hidden spout at the base of the pot. Using a single hole at the top of the pot to manipulate the function, one simply needs to place their finger over the hole to stop tea from flowing out; let go and tea will flow straight down into a cup or tea server. No tilting of the teapot is required when serving tea, gravity helps it create a smoother and steady flow; and because water flows downward naturally, it is much easier to ensure that all of the tea has been removed from the pot. This relieves any worry of dropping and damaging the lid of the teapot while serving, it also helps to ensure that all the tea drains. This extends the amount of brews you can get from a single batch of tea leaves; increasing the overall efficiency of the teapot as a tea brewing device. 

Gu Yi Teapot

Since Gu-Yi teapots were first created, more than thirty kinds of models have been designed around the world. An overwhelming enthusiastic response is seen in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Now Tebí has the honor to work with Master Deng and introduce his creation to our tea lovers. We invite you to discover the graceful bearing of the Gu-Yi teapot with us!