About Teaware

Preparing and enjoying tea can be many things, from a formal process like a tea ceremony to a simple and intimate experience with friends. Either way, time seems to stop when you brew a fresh pot of tea. Steam swirls up and around your face, and the soft sound of tea cups being set on the table create a bubble of warmth and solitude.

For thousands of years, people have made tea. In the beginning, the process was complicated, special ceremonies can use up to twelve different kinds of teaware all at once in that time. Now tea cupping is easier and simpler. Regardless of your use, Tebi has the right teaware for you.

Our teapots, cups, and servers are all beautifully crafted in Taiwan and show the aesthetics and diversity from our home town. We have a wide selection of unique and one of a kind teaware made by esteemed local artists that can serve for everyday use or that special tea party.

Artist DengArtist: Deng, Ding-Sou 鄧丁壽

We truly hope our exclusive teaware passes on our tea-enthusiasm to you. Relax and enjoy the delightful textures of the unique ceramics and warmth of the tea.