About Oolong Tea

Whole leaf, natural, handcrafted.

Taiwan is a rainy and misty island. Filled with mountains and valleys, our unique climate and geography create the perfect environment to grow oolong tea. For centuries, vast expanses of tea on the island have filled the air with wonderful scents.

Just like fine wines and exotic coffees, Taiwanese oolong may appear simple at first, but it has an incredibly complex inner world full of rich history and flavor. The oxidation (fermentation) which gives the oolong teas wider ranges and depths of flavor than traditional green or black teas. Our teas are also grown at variation altitudes and climates which add to the diversity of flavours. Taiwanese Oolong teas have something for everyone.   

Boasting delicate fragrances and rich aromas, our collection is chosen from only Taiwan’s best Oolong tea. Tebí invites you to take a seat and have a cup to tea with us.

Brewing Instruction:

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